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About Me

Hey There!

I'm Linda Wright, founder of Keynote Events, LLC. Keynote Events got its name from the belief that the client's needs should be the focal point of a wedding or event to ensure success,  the way a Keynote Speaker is the focal point of a social or corporate events. I have over 8 years of experience with event planning with the ultimate goal to ensure your event is successful with as little stress as possible. I'm a Jersey girl originally, but I've been living in Maryland for the past 5 years. Fun Fact: by training, I'm a Clinical Pharmacist and have spent the majority of my career ensuring the care of others and giving them the attention that they deserve. That same practice goes into my event planning.  I believe that it's the personal touches that make event planners special. It's the attention to detail, truly loving what you do, and ensuring that your client's needs are met.  I believe that it's important to build a relationship with your clients to better understand their needs so that their event can be as special as they are!